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She’s written off more than she can chew…


Romance author Sophie Lyon’s ironic secret just went viral: she’s never been in love. Though her debut novel made readers swoon, Sophie’s having trouble getting her new characters to happily-ever-after, and she blames it on her own uninspired love life. With a manuscript deadline looming, Sophie makes an ambitious plan to overcome her writer’s block: reunite with her exes to learn why she's never fallen in love—and document it all for her millions of new online followers. Which also means facing her ex-girlfriend Carla, the one person Sophie could have loved.


Luckily, Sophie’s reclusive landlord, Dash Montrose—a former teen heartthrob—has social media all figured out and offers to help. But he doesn't mention that he’s an anonymous online crafter, a hobby that helps him maintain his sobriety. No one knows about his complicated relationship with alcohol and he intends to keep it that way. His family is Hollywood royalty, so Dash has to steer clear of scandal. As Sophie and Dash grow closer, they discover a heat between them that rivals Dash's pottery kiln. But Sophie needs to figure out who she is outside her relationships, and Dash isn’t sure he’s stable enough for the commitment she deserves. So Sophie suggests what any good romance author would: a friends-with-benefits arrangement.


Surely a casual relationship won’t cause any trouble…


"Erin La Rosa delivers with yet another steamy, smart, and wonderfully sweet romantic comedy. La Rosa's witty banter and tender scenes are top-notch; PLOT TWIST is a can't miss romance that will leave readers swooning. I give it five stars—and five chili pepper emojis." 


Author of In a New York Minute

"Another sharp, sly, and very steamy romcom from Erin La Rosa! PLOT TWIST is about road trips and sexy neighbors and the power of opening up to the people who care about you the most. La Rosa shines at genuinely funny and feminist romantic tales, and I'll read every single one of them."


Bestselling author of For Her Consideration

“You can count on Erin La Rosa for a rollicking good time!”


 #1 NYT bestselling author of White Oleander

"An expertly-crafted contemporary romance... Erin La Rosa has once again found the perfect formula of taking nuanced characters and putting them in the cutest, most satisfying rom-com narrative. Even with its laugh-out-loud (and dare I say squirrelly) hijinks, PLOT TWIST makes a powerful statement. Love isn’t something you earn—it’s something that derails everything the moment you think you have things figured out. Frankly, I can’t wait for Erin’s next book. As a reader, it’s a privilege to live inside of Erin La Rosa’s brilliant, quirky, and deliciously risqué brain." 


Host of the Too Stupid to Live podcast

"PLOT TWIST is pure sunshine in book form, a story that sparkles with sharp, witty banter, laugh out loud moments, and endearing, expertly-drawn characters. Erin La Rosa is a master of taking beloved tropes and making them feel fresh and exciting, without sacrificing their familiarity or warmth. This book is a love letter to the romance genre, to sisterhood, and to the strength of those in recovery—an absolute gem."


Author of The Boyfriend Candidate

“Definitely needs to be on your TBR.”



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